The Minnesota Fidlar eByte – August 2018

Otter Tail County Advancing Office by Becoming PIN-Driven

  • PIN-driven move for Otter Tail County
  • Goal of increased intra office data share
  • PINtegrity advances data consistency
  • Indexed PINs increase searching ability

We are pleased to share that the Otter Tail County Recorder’s Office will soon become a PIN-driven one which will establish stronger data links with other County offices via the Parcel ID number. By doing so, Recorder Carol Schmaltz will help to increase data normalization through the inclusion of Parcel ID number – a shared common link between the offices of the Recorder, Treasurer, Equalization and other County offices.

Moving forward, the Otter Tail County offices will continue their existing workflows but will greatly advance their inter-office data integration through the indexing of parcel numbers by the Recorder. Becoming PIN-driven within the county will assist the searching capabilities of all intra-county offices.

During the change to becoming PIN-driven, the Otter Tail County Recorder will utilize Fidlar’s application called PINtegrity. Via the PINtegrity application, the user is able to build relationships between Parcel ID number, legal description, and street address.

Sharing the PIN county-wide greatly advances the accessibility to data for the searching public and being PIN-driven can provide more flexibility and robust searching options for the public.



“I feel that implementing PINtegrity in Otter Tail County will help to take our recorded data and our Official Public Record one step further. Becoming PIN-driven in our office will let our data be more compatible with other County offices, which will improve the value of the data for all. Committing to this change will help increase data consistency into the future to make our data more accessible.” – Carol Schmaltz, Otter Tail County Recorder



“I am pleased to see Otter Tail County move into the final stages of becoming PIN-driven. After assessing the office’s current workflow, we collaborated to establish a new workflow which will incorporate PINtegrity. Once implemented, the PINtegrity application will draw a clearer connection between the Parcel ID number, legal description and street address. This advancement will assist the Recorder’s Office to continue improving data consistency.” – Raquel Posateri, Fidlar Partner Relationship Manager