The Arkansas Fidlar eByte: October 2016

Remote searching has become a necessary service to provide to your constituents, by doing so your office enables quick and convenient access to the Official Public Record. Enhanced-access tools like the subscription-based Laredo and the online-based Tapestry allows for documents to be retrieved quickly and securely by searchers, conveniently in their own workplace. Offering these services within your office also grants your constituents the flexibility of 24 x 7 access to public records so they no longer have to fit their schedule around the county’s office hours. In addition, Laredo and Tapestry generate additional revenue for the county while mitigating valuable staff time.



“I am a subscribed Laredo user for more than one county in the southern Arkansas area and I am very grateful these counties have made it their primary remote search tool. The program is great because it makes searching very easy and it also includes images of the document. I can perform searches from virtually anywhere since Laredo is an online service. It definitely saves me money and time that would typically be involved with traveling to do on-site searching. Whenever I get asked by an office what program I think they should offer, I always recommend Laredo!” – Debra Chaffee, Subscribed Laredo User