The Minnesota Fidlar eByte – September 2019

Blue Earth County partners with the University of Minnesota to help identify neighborhood covenants that spelled out restrictions of land transfer to certain people based on racial or religious criteria. Historic deeds and documents were provided to the project and these documents will be analyzed to identify the areas of concern.

Fidlar Technologies is excited to highlight the efforts of Blue Earth County as they continue to work with the University of Minnesota on a recorded covenants study. The study focuses on recorded covenants and what they can tell the university about a community’s history and demographics. When a county commissioner reached out to try and become involved in the study, Blue Earth County Director of Taxpayer Services, Michael Stalberger, eagerly signed on to help grow the study and to better outline the importance and usefulness of his staff and county records.

In conjunction with Fidlar Technologies, Michael and his staff began searching for appropriate documents and images to send to the University of Minnesota. This study highlights the importance and value of recorded documents to entities other than private searchers. With the help of two Fidlar Technologies staff members – Scott Moore, Vice President of Sales, and Raquel Posateri, Minnesota Partner Relationship Manager – Michael began gathering documents that would go on to provide yet another beneficial use for Blue Earth County’s community. County records provide value to private searchers – banks, realtors, and more – on a regular basis, but these valuable documents, and the work that county staff and officials accomplish with them, can provide value and purpose beyond that.

While Blue Earth County continues to explore the study with the University of Minnesota, Fidlar Technologies works with Michael and his staff to create increased value for the hard work their county accomplishes. Looking to prove that his constituents’ records carry greater significance than just to private searchers alone, Michael and his staff have been working to gain a better perspective on his citizens and those of a larger city. Proving that he and his staff, and the records they work with, are a massively important point of reference, Michael and the rest of Blue Earth County continue important work that outlines the value of the record and the recorder.

“We’re proud to be able to work with Fidlar Technologies and the University of Minnesota to work on such an informative project. This displays another valuable use of county records and provides an important tool of reference. What we do in records offices really matters.”
-Michael Stalberger, Blue Earth County Director of Taxpayer Services

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