The Arkansas Fidlar eByte: July 2016


We are pleased to announce that long-time Fidlar Partner, Craighead County, Arkansas will be making a software transition to our AVID land records management system. County Circuit Clerk, Candace Edwards, was interested in updating the technology in their office and with AVID they will be better prepared to execute eRecordings, reduce paper shuffle and improve the efficiency and integrity of Craighead County’s recording process.



“The innovation and uniqueness of the software was a huge deciding factor for us. In comparison to iDocument, AVID has a greater ability to fit our needs. AVID in general has more to offer including the add-on feature iNSPECT. We’ll be upgrading our equipment and making some very exciting changes. I look forward to seeing the benefits that the transition will have on the office.” – Candace Edwards, Craighead County Circuit Clerk