The Indiana Fidlar eByte – June 2019

  • Indiana counties suffer serious cyber attacks [Cyber attacks keep Howard County’s and Huntington County’s systems down for an extended period of time.]
  • Cyber crime is at an all time high across the nation [With cyber crime hitting all-time highs, governments across the nation must remain vigilant against incoming threats. An increase in cybersecurity awareness has become an invaluable commodity.]
  • Replication offers inestimably valuable services [Providing immediate peace of mind to cyber security-minded counties, Replication provides an inestimable amount of value to counties who take advantage.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to bring both Howard County and Huntington County into the limelight this month, highlighting their commitment to an improved level of cyber security and an increased awareness to the risks inherent of the digital age. Both counties’ systems unfortunately went down after a serious cyber attack took place against their servers. As county officials fought to right the ship, they rested easy knowing that their data, and their customers’ records, were safely backed up by Replication and Fidlar Technologies.

Cyber security threats can come any time, from anywhere; keeping yourself ahead of the game should be a goal for every county across the nation. One such breach took the systems in Howard County down for 7 days, but Jennifer Jack, Howard County Recorder, had Replication to fall back on, guaranteeing the safety of her county’s data. In Huntington County, Vicki Pearson and her IT department fought off an attack that kept their systems down for 2.5 days, but their citizens’ records were kept safe in the Replication vaults.

County governments across the nation are facing a dangerous cyber landscape where a relaxed digital ecosystem is an at-risk digital ecosystem. Replication keeps your county’s production server, recorded data, and images secure in an off-site repository, assuring that, no matter the disaster that may occur, your data is safe and in good hands. Additionally, Replication provides access to your data even when your servers and systems are down. When facing down the dangers of this perilous digital age, it is never too late to start taking the right precautions. Counties who utilize Replication Disaster Recovery or Bastion Hosted Environments can sleep easy knowing their Official Public Records are in good hands.

“Going though our cyber attack was certainly an eye-opening experience.  It was nerve-wracking to not be able to serve the public to our fullest capacity.  However, being a Replication customer of Fidlar, I had no concerns over losing any of our documents and that certainly went a long way to ease my mind.  If you are not currently Replicating your information, you should be!  Our IT department is second to none, so we are proof that this can happen anywhere!”
-Jennifer Jack, Howard County Recorder

“I want to thank the Recorders who came before me who had the foresight to know about the importance of cyber security. On May 6th, unfortunately, we realized just how important it is, due to the County being hacked. We had peace of mind knowing that our data was safe and secure due to the Replication processes that we have in place with Fidlar. Our IT Department worked overtime and I contacted Sully numerous times after hours in order to put my mind at ease. We were only down for 2 ½ days.

Due to Replication our searchers were still able to access our records during our down time, so the only people that were affected by this were our walk in customers and everyone was very understanding. Going forward, as in the past we can rest assured that Fidlar Technologies and our IT Department will give us the continued support we need in the event that the unthinkable happens again. Our office will continue to preserve the records for perpetuation.”
-Vicki Pearson, Huntington County Recorder

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