The Kansas Fidlar eByte – May 2019

  • Cybersecurity is more important than ever [With renewed pushes from hackers on phishing and ransomware attacks against innocent people and businesses, a heightened sense of security is more important now than ever.]
  • Public sector becoming an increasingly popular target [As the frequency of cyber security attacks rises, the public sector finds itself in the cross hairs at an increasing frequency.]
  • Bastion and Replication are valuable resources for cyber security-minded counties [The peace of mind Bastion and Replication offer is an immeasurable value in this day and age. Your data is more at risk than ever; Bastion and Replication protect you and your data.]
  • Republic County finds reassurance with Bastion [Republic County’s use of the Bastion service assures an increased level of safety and efficiency, greatly reducing the risk of data loss in the event of a ransomware attack.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to feature Republic County ahead of the Annual Kansas Register of Deeds Conference. The importance of cyber security is at an all time high, and Peggy Frint, Register of Deeds in Republic County, knows full-well how valuable it is to be prepared. Utilizing Fidlar Technologies’ Bastion program, they benefit from the industry’s best cyber defense software available, and that reassurance is more important now than ever. With the Annual Kansas Register of Deeds Conference right around the corner, Fidlar Technologies finds it important to drive home the importance of cyber security ahead of time.

Cyber-attacks on the public sector are becoming increasingly common, and the count is rising at an alarming rate. As hackers change tactics and renew their onslaught, countless victims fall prey to the hazards of an unprepared and unprotected digital ecosystem. Ransoms are held, data is destroyed, and much of it can never be repaired or returned. It is important to realize the value of learning and preparing, and much of that can be done in-office. Fostering a culture of care and consideration when handling unknown emails, links, texts, and more can go a long way and is the foundation to a safer digital work space. However, Fidlar recommends taking further action to protect yourself and your citizens’ data.

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Fidlar Technologies provides two invaluable services for the protection of your citizens’ data – Bastion and Replication. Bastion, a digital defense force of nature, hosts your data off-site and provides a quick turnaround when your system is hit with one of countless ever-increasing ransomware attacks. Replication provides peace of mind with your documents and data, keeping them safe and accessible when your office is on- or offline. As the Annual Kansas Register of Deeds Conference approaches, Fidlar Technologies urges our partners to consider the importance of cyber security in our age and culture.

“When we went paperless starting Jan 1, 2019, people were concerned about where my documents would be stored.  They were afraid of security hacks and what would happen if our system here crashed.  When I tell them I am backed in two separate locations, and have been since I went with Fidlar, they were impressed.  I like the idea of having my documents in two completely different places, because the odds of both places being hacked are pretty rare.  I’ve also told them that if my system here crashes, Fidlar will have me back up and running. I feel pretty confident we’re going to be just fine.” -Peggy Frint, Republic County Register of Deeds