The Ohio Fidlar eByte – January 2018

  • Fidlar welcomes Defiance County as New Partner
  • Launch Team prepares county for AVID transition
  • Partnership to deliver stronger recording functions
  • Technical support via phone, email and chat
  • Fidlar Technologies privately owned since 1854

Fidlar is pleased to announce Defiance County Recorder’s Office as its newest County Partner in Ohio. As they enter into their partnership with Fidlar, County Recorder Cecilia A. Parsons and staff will be adopting the land recording system, AVID Powered by iNSPECT into their office. The AVID system will advance their ability process documents and the assisted-indexing feature iNSPECT will increase the validity and accuracy of the data they process.

In the weeks leading up to their switch to AVID, Defiance County will work closely with their Fidlar Launch Team to ensure that all the proper steps have been taken to allow for a seamless transition. As Defiance County solidifies their new AVID workflow, they will be assisted with the experienced Support Team. Fidlar Support will then be available through a variety of convenient communication channels: phone call, email or online chat. Our experienced support specialists are dedicated to assisting with any requests the Recorder’s Office may have.

By choosing Fidlar as their software provider, Defiance County will have a dedicated team of professionals working to advance every aspect of their office’s abilities. Fidlar’s experience with and longtime dedication to the Recorder’s Office permits that we continue to deliver innovative and robust tools to every partner.



“It’s wonderful to start off 2018 with a new partnership in Defiance County. Cecilia Parsons and her team have gone above and beyond to help us ensure a smooth transition for her office and public users. From contract signing to live date, the timeline was just over 35 days. Cecilia and her team’s enthusiasm for the project was a major factor in how successful this process has been.” – Greg Bachman, Territory Manager, Fidlar Technologies


“I had the pleasure of spending a few days with Cecilia and her staff, getting to know them and how they operate in order to best configure AVID to their needs. I walked away believing that this is a county doing it right. Cecilia, Kelly, and Troy are a breath of fresh air, gracefully combining recording expertise, customer service, fun, knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, and joy. I am proud to serve them, and excited for them to experience all that Fidlar and AVID has to offer. If I could craft a perfect Fidlar partner, Cecilia and Defiance County would be it!” – Steve Ott, Project Manager, Fidlar Technologies