The Arkansas Fidlar eByte: September 2017


Fidlar Technologies strives to keep each County Partner informed and connected by hosting a number of collaborative events with the intention of advancing each County Partner’s office. The annual Educational Symposium brings together relevant speakers from within the land records industry and educational sessions lead by county officials. Fidlar’s hope is to have attendees consider the content and then apply it to their respective offices upon returning from the event.

We are happy to inform that Myka Bono-Sample, Saline County Circuit Clerk, has instated an informative newsletter for her constituents after being inspired by an educational session entitled “Keeping Your Public Informed“.



“Once we returned from the symposium, we decided we wanted to put together a newsletter that would help inform the public about our office and share some statistical information as well. So far we’ve been able to make the newsletter available on the web, included it with returned documents that went to title companies and banks, and also to the local newspapers. I’m very grateful to Fidlar for sharing and providing examples from other County Partners so that we could create our own. This is the first newsletter that the Saline County Circuit Clerk’s Office has ever offered!” – Myka Bono-Sample, Saline County Circuit Clerk