The Indiana Fidlar eByte – October 2019

  • Elkhart County now boasts a 75% eRecording volume [Utilizing AVID to its fullest, Elkhart County has reached an impressive 75% eRecording volume.]
  • eRecording provides a paperless, streamlined recording experience [AVID eRecording is unmatched in its ease-of-use, providing counties of all sizes with unparalleled utility.]
  • AVID sets standards in the eRecording world with powerful utilities and add-ons [AVID creates a more efficient daily workflow due to its built-in tools and utilities, designed internally with county recorders in mind.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight Elkhart County and the impressive landmark they have reached in working with AVID eRecording. Elkhart County Recorder, Jennifer Doriot, and her staff began working with AVID in 2013 and, since then, they have worked towards an immeasurably impressive landmark that they have now reached. With a 75% eRecording volume, Elkhart County is setting standards and drawing attention, proving that AVID eRecording is the way of the future.

Jennifer and her staff have been enjoying the improved ease-of-use and utility that AVID eRecording brings to the table. While Elkhart County manages counter and email customers every day, they don’t falter. With AVID on their side providing a streamlined daily workflow, Elkhart County enjoys a turnaround time that keeps customers happy and with satisfied recording requests. Even if a customer’s document is rejected or denied, the process has been so drastically improved by AVID’s capabilities that Jennifer often sees those customers in the same day with what become approved documents. Nothing is slowing Elkhart County down, and while 75% eRecording volume is a mightily impressive feat by itself, they continue to strive for more.

AVID reduces the overall man hours, and effort, required to accomplish various document recording responsibilities, increasing the amount of work the Elkhart County office can accomplish every day. Creating a paperless workflow, AVID helps offices towards quicker turnaround times and creates a more environmentally friendly county. In an ever-changing technological world that has continued to affect recording processes across the nation, AVID eRecording continues to help counties reach new levels of productivity.

“We’ve been using AVID since 2013 and it’s been great. We’re very happy to have hit 75% eRecording volume! AVID’s quick turnaround makes it easy to get our customers taken care of, whether in person at our counter or via eRecording.”
-Jennifer Doriot, Elkhart County Recorder

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