The Arkansas Fidlar eByte: February 2016


The Arkansas Legislative Audit recently passed legislation requiring counties to increase the securities of information systems within their offices. The legislation wanted enhancements for individual user rights, along with enhancing the ability to verify and update users’ login credentials. Fidlar understands that certain duties are entrusted to the Circuit Clerk within their relation to the Official Public Record. In particular, there is trust that the Official Public Record is maintained with secured validity.
That trust has now been reinforced with enhancements made to software securities within AVID. Our Arkansas County Partners are now fully compliant on all levels of user security. With the AVID land records management software solution, Circuit Clerk Offices are able to take proper security measures along with being able to utilize software that performs the industry’s best practices.



eByteHeadshotSalineAR“Once the legislation was in place, there was the need for compliance on our end. I was happy knowing that my vendor was there to take the proper action to help us guarantee compliance. A lot of responsibility is being put onto the Circuit Clerk and the office staff. Fidlar was there for us, to make sure we acted accordingly. Our accounts will no longer become stagnant or inactive. Now, all of our AVID user accounts are password protected and we’re able to update them every 90 days.” – Myka Bono Sample, Saline County Circuit Clerk