The Kansas Fidlar eByte: October 2016


Fidlar Technologies recently held the annual College of Recording Arts. The educational program gave new and accomplished staff alike the opportunity to learn about the history and vitality of the recording office. Attendees were able to workshop and train with our land recording management software AVID, powered by iNSPECT. Other items discussed in the sessions were the integrated enhancement modules SWIFT, Anchor, and Iris. Attendees were informed of the best practices for remote access products and community outreach services. The College was a huge success and we thank every county and attendee for taking the time out of their office to visit us.



“The College of Recording Arts was my first time attending an event hosted by Fidlar. Everyone that presented information did a great job explaining and training the different topics throughout the duration of the two days. I learned quite a lot while I was there, I feel there would be great value in returning to the College event in the future. It was an awesome experience.” – Wendy Weiss, Lyon County