The Missouri Fidlar eByte: June 2016


Last month, Fidlar Technologies hosted their Ninth Annual Educational Symposium. Nearly 200 guests from over 100 counties in 12 different states attended the event at the Fidlar office in Davenport, Iowa. Guest speakers included a Wells Fargo representative who spoke on how TRID has impacted the lending industry, PRIA President Mark Ladd discussed national trends in the land records industry, an attorney from Michigan explained how the Race to the Courthouse varies by state and an Ernst Publishing spokesperson discussed the “Cost of Rejections”. Additionally, a panel of county officials led an open discussion of recent developments in regional legislation and statutes; providing attendees with a wealthy assessment of their office in relation to the national and regional levels.



“Fidlar continues to be a great watchdog for our industry, always keeping us aware of what’s coming down the pike. The content of the Educational Symposium is bar none to many other industry conferences. This year’s main course of “Predictable Fees” did not disappoint. It offered perspective from the banking industry about challenges they’re facing conforming to new regulations set by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. It sparked a lot of conversation among Recorders about being proactive rather than reactive in the move to predictable fees.” – Jennifer Metcalf, Franklin County Recorder