The Minnesota Fidlar eByte: June 2017

This month, County Partners in Minnesota attended an AVID powered by iNSPECT workshop that examined the best practices for users. The workshop was conducted via webinar by Mark Schwarting and Alex Slaby of Fidlar Technologies. Mark and Alex engaged attendees with discussion and demonstrations of processing with iNSPECT, electronic document return and shortcut/hotkey usage. By utilizing AVID powered by iNSPECT, the Recorder’s Office is able to promote increased accuracy and validity within their Official Public Record.



“Our office thought the webinar workshop was a great idea. The intent in doing this was to have a collaboration between the users and have Fidlar be a moderator. It was great to hear how others use AVID and to get their point of view. You may be doing something one way and not even realize that there is an easier – and possibly better – way to do the same process. The sharing of information allows everyone to understand and help those looking to improve their ability to perform.” – Rick Kvien, Steele County Recorder