The Missouri Fidlar eByte: June 2017


Last month, Fidlar Technologies hosted their Tenth Annual Educational Symposium. Nearly 200 guests from over 100 counties attended the event at the Fidlar office in Davenport, Iowa. Guest speakers included Mark Ladd who discussed UETA and the possibilities for the end of the paper document. Industry professionals walked attendees through an electronic land transaction – defining eClosings, eNotarizations, eRecording and eReturns along the way. Jake Gibson, a data security expert from LightEdge, discussed the current state of data security in the industry and the existing threats to the Recorder’s Office.

Additionally, workshops led by county officials were conducted. These sessions examined ways to keep the public informed of services exclusive to the Recorder’s Office like Property Fraud Alert. The symposium was a success and we pride ourselves in the partnerships we have with each and every county.



“I look forward to it every year. All of the information we are presented with is valuable. The content is very purposeful and I think Fidlar’s intent is to keep all of the Recorders as informed as possible. Being able to discuss office practices with officials from other states is another thing I greatly appreciate. This year’s Educational Symposium was the best ever.” – Loretta Brookshier, Linn County Recorder of Deeds