The Michigan Fidlar eByte: November 2017


Fidlar has long held a focus that is exclusive to the needs of the Register of Deeds Office. We strive to bring an experience to each and every County Partner that exceeds their expectations – that is the exact reason why the Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) position was created. A unique facet to Fidlar, the PRM’s sole purpose is to regularly meet with each County Partner in their office to help achieve long-term goals and plan for the future.

Once your office is appointed a PRM, they become your main point-of-contact. This allows for a direct line of communication to exist between all parties involved at the county office and with Fidlar. The PRM also assists with keeping your office informed with deliverables such as the Annual Dashboard and hosting collaborative events like the User Group Meeting. The PRM’s goal is to make each Fidlar Experience the best it can be.



“Mark Lystiuk, our Partner Relationship Manager, has guided us through some big changes in our office procedures, equipment and policies. He is never more than a phone call away. Anyone that has run an office knows how invaluable that access is. Every promise made has been kept, and that is a statement that is not easily made. We are thankful for Mark and the entire Fidlar family that has guided us along a technological path that has made us a more efficient and cost effective office. It has been a win-win for us and our customers – for that we are grateful.” – Mary Wrzesinski, Manistee County Register of Deeds