The Missouri Fidlar eByte: October 2016


Last month, Fidlar jointly hosted a Regional Education Seminar with the Phelps County Recorder’s Office in Rolla for all Missouri Recorders. The seminar brought together county officials to assess and discuss recently passed state legislation regarding eNotarization and the status of predictable fees for recording documents. Industry vendors were also present to give demonstrations on how document processing works for eRecording submitters, giving counties a better understanding of how their customers utilize the service. The seminar ended with a demonstration of our new Official Records Online service and a tour of the Phelps County Recorder’s Office, where they recently began utilizing our new assisted-indexing technology, iNSPECT. The seminar was a great success, all attendees left with a stronger understanding of what is happening in the land records industry locally and nationwide.



“Fidlar is consistently intentional about keeping us informed of current issues that could impact our office. Additionally, they’re mindful to include other members from the Recorder’s Association. Al Vital and Phelps County Recorder, Robin Kordes, were so kind to co-host the Educational Seminar. There was great discussion surrounding the new eNotarization legislation. Other topics focused on eRecording and Official Records Online. Lynn Wilkey, of Simplifile, shared a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look into what a submitter sees and their capabilities. It was quite insightful. We were also treated to a tour of Robin’s office where we saw iNSPECT being used in production. It was a very good day and I’m thankful that Franklin County Recorder, Jennifer Metcalf, and I were able to attend.” – Lisa Smart, Franklin County Chief Deputy