The Minnesota Fidlar eByte – June 2018

Fidlar Hosts Eleventh Annual Educational Symposium

  • An exclusive County Partner event
  • Thought-provoking content presented by industry professionals
  • Forward-thinking discussions on the state of the industry
  • Commitment to providing relevant sessions to our partners

Fidlar recently hosted the eleventh annual Educational Symposium, “Your Data is Gold”, in Davenport, IA. The event was attended by more than 150 guests from over 100 counties, bringing together county officials from across the country to share an experience provided exclusively to each Fidlar County Partner. With a fresh agenda for 2018, attendees were presented with some big ideas for discussion.

Every year, we work to create a compelling agenda that targets current trends in the industry that affect county land recording offices. Throughout a series of informative sessions during the Symposium, county officials were brought together in an environment intended to stimulate conversation and to offer insightful perspectives for consideration from those in attendance.

This year’s sessions included a Q&A panel with a group of title searchers from Wheatland Title, a discussion with Saginaw County, MI and their work to become a PIN driven county, a panel of county officials who have been through and learned from natural disasters and more. During each session, the conversation was opened to the floor to allow for questions and input from the audience to further the event’s educational potential for all.

Each year, Fidlar curates educational events like the Educational Symposium, in addition to other events like User Group Meetings and the Fidlar College of Recording Arts. Events such as these offer a unique, shared experience between Fidlar and every single County Partner. Through the participation and cooperation of the partners, Fidlar will remain absolutely committed to the advancement of the Recorder’s Office.



“Every year, I make it a priority to attend Fidlar’s annual Education Symposium and I always leave feeling very happy that I did. The content of the event is planned exceptionally well. I’m pleased to work with a vendor that hosts an event that is focused so closely on my office and our duties. Time after time, Fidlar proves they keep the Recorder’s interest their ultimate priority. The tools Fidlar provides to us, which we make our own, shows how they go beyond basic document recording.” – Barb Tamte, Pope County Recorder