The Kansas Fidlar eByte – November 2019

“AVID continues to develop every day”

  • Wyandotte County Register of Deeds, Nancy Burns, recently won her re-election campaign.
  • Wyandotte County utilizes the Fidlar Technologies LifeCycle partnership to full extent, benefiting county office and citizens.

Fidlar Technologies is proud to feature Wyandotte County and Nancy Burns, newly re-elected as Wyandotte County Register of Deeds. Fidlar Technologies congratulates Nancy and looks forward to a continued partnership throughout the coming years, filled with productivity and progress. Nancy and her staff in Wyandotte County have been a LifeCycle partner, using the provided software to a very successful extent, saving money and gaining access to new updates to many of her county’s favorite software options. Fidlar Technologies is excited for a bright future alongside Nancy and Wyandotte County.

Graphic: Wyandotte County is one of a long list of Kansas Counties utilizing AVID to its fullest potential.

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Wyandotte County, as a Fidlar Technologies LifeCycle partner, gains access to many of Fidlar Technologies’ most useful AVID add-on modules and unparalleled software support alongside them. Anchor, a program able to verify the validity of a document’s legal parameters while instantaneously creating subdivisions with legal parameters, is offered alongside other products such as Iris, iNSPECT, and more. Iris helps to normalize a county’s document index data, making it easier for searchers to find the documents they are looking for.

iNSPECT is an assisted-indexing technology that promotes precision and accuracy in data, turning data entry into data validaton. With iNSPECT, data entry takes on a new, simplified form with Fidlar Technologies’ Intelligent Data Recognition that suggests and highlights data relevant to what your staff is indexing. In addition to these products, and more, Wyandotte County’s software is updated to the latest versions automatically and is continually supported by an elite team of support specialists. Fidlar Technologies stands by Nancy Burns and Wyandotte County, looking forward to a bright future together. Congratulations, Nancy!

“AVID is great, and we’re doing great with it. It’s very detailed and it really makes us feel like we’re getting the right bang for our buck. AVID provides us a very user-friendly search engine that helps us to keep track of a lot of details, and the add-on modules that we use – Anchor, IRIS, and more – help us in our everyday work. We’re very happy with what AVID does and how AVID continues to develop every day.”
-Nancy Burns, Wyandotte County Register of Deeds

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