The Michigan Fidlar eByte: February 2017

Throughout all 163 years of Fidlar’s existence, our company has worked closely with county government. In particular, we have forged a strong bond with the Recorder’s Office. As time changed the land records management industry, so did the needs and requirements of the Recorder’s Office. With each change, Fidlar has been there all the while, working to deliver solutions that were not only effective but innovative for land recording processes.

County offices and staff are able to utilize our Partnership Benefits. Whether it be our monthly email publications that relay current and essential stories from the industry or through the series of annual programs and events meant to inform and educate about regional and nationwide trends. Another unique facet to Fidlar is the Partner Relationship Manager position. This individual’s sole purpose is to regularly meet with our partners and to help them accomplish their very important goals.

Fidlar Technologies is an established, stable and privately held software vendor exclusively for county land recording offices. This will continue to be our goal into the foreseeable future. With over 250 County Partners and thousands of remote search users, we shall remain true to the land recording process and to the offices that have established partnerships with us. We promise that the relationships and quality of services that Fidlar has been known for will continue to exceed our partners’ expectations year after year. Fidlar is not for sale.



“Our partnership with Fidlar began eleven years ago this month, and it has been a great experience. Mark Lystiuk, our Partner Relationship Manager, drops by to check-in and see where our office is headed and where it has been. There’s a certain personal touch that makes the partnership unique and special. We’ve been able to use the same product for the duration of our partnership. The software we use is up-to-date and its value is continuously increased through upgrades that do not put any hindrance on my staff. Fidlar delivers an excellent product and great customer service.” – Diane Englebrecht, Mason County Register