The Kansas Fidlar eByte – September 2019

  • Former Register of Deeds, Peggy Frint, retired this year [Peggy Frint, former Register of Deeds in Republic County, retired at the end of July. A long tenure of success came to a well-deserved end.]
  • Republic County excited to continue working with Fidlar [Eager to continue exploring what the symbiotic relationship has to offer, Sandee Swanson, Register of Deeds, is looking towards the future.]
  • Republic County enjoying benefits of iNSPECT [Deep into a book digitizing and back indexing project, Sandee relays the joys her staff gain from the tools and utilities of AVID and iNSPECT.]

Fidlar Technologies is eager to shine the spotlight on Republic County and new Register of Deeds, Sandee Swanson. Recently undergoing a shift in leadership, Republic County saw former Register of Deeds Peggy Frint enter well-deserved retirement, passing the reins onto Sandee. Peggy provided immeasurable support to her county and helped their office take important steps forward and Fidlar Technologies is proud to have had the chance to work closely with her and wishes her the best and most enjoyable retirement possible. With open arms, Fidlar welcomes Sandee Swanson to the role and shares a mutual excitement for a bright future.

Shifts in the office hierarchy can pose issues for some organizations, but Republic County’s transition was seamless under the guidance of Peggy and Sandee. Sandee, who has already been working to brighten Republic County’s future for a year, took over and hit the ground running. In this constantly changing digital world local governments find themselves in, Sandee sees opportunity. Sandee expresses her excitment to continue exploring what benefits can be reaped from a partnership with Fidlar Technologies, a sentiment that employees at Fidlar echo themselves.

Despite her new title and responsibilities, Sandee has not slowed down. Now deep into a book digitization project, she openly shares her appreciation for the tools at her beck and call. AVID and iNSPECT provide utility unmatched in the recording world, allowing for streamlined and advanced search functions and approachable back indexing. As Republic County’s books are entered into their system and transferred to AVID, Sandee takes the initiative to back index where possible, a project that has kept her and her staff busy. Fidlar Technologies is excited to continue working arm-in-arm with Sandee and Republic County.

“We are currently digitizing books and back indexing them and AVID has been just great- I’m excited to do more! AVID makes it easy to search for documents for customers when they call and ask.”
-Sandee Swanson, Republic County Register of Deeds

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