The Indiana Fidlar eByte: July 2017


On April 21, 2017, flat fee legislation SB 505 was passed in Indiana with an effective date of July 1, 2017. Through a collaborative effort between Fidlar County Partners and the Fidlar Support team, these fees were able to be set in place and implemented for all transactions. Nancy Schlapkohl, Fidlar Support team member, worked with legislative committee co-chair members Brook Cleaver of Howard County and Lori Draper of Wabash County, to get the exact fees for each document type and the proper fund distributions.

Once these measures were taken, Nancy contacted each of the forty-one Fidlar County Partners in the state. Exact detail was taken from every office to allow for appropriate changes to be made so that a full transition to flat fees could be made by every office. Fidlar would like to congratulate our County Partners within Indiana for their efforts and work to adopt predictable, flat fees within their offices.



“With all the changes that were to take effect on July 1st, 2017, I was concerned. But thanks to all the help we received from Fidlar, everything went smoothly. They contacted us early to go over the changes, made those changes on our system and even made up flyers with new rates that we could send out to customers. Our sincere thanks to Fidlar and your staff for always taking care of us.” – Marlene Mahler, Marshall County Recorder

“Nancy and the Fidlar support team rocked! When we opened here in Cass County on July 3rd, the first working day after the July 1st deadline, we were up and recording with minimal hiccups. It was smooth sailing – thanks Fidlar Support Team!” – Cindy D. Howard, Cass County Recorder

“Once we received word that SB 505 passed, Fidlar was notified. Nancy and the Support Team began working right away. They communicated with legislative team members, and worked with their County Partners to ensure a smooth transition and that it was! We could not have hoped for a better outcome, zero stress! Fidlar Support was instrumental in the transitional efforts of forty-one counties, and we cannot thank them enough!” – Brook Cleaver & Lori Draper, Legislative Committee Co-Chair members