The Missouri Fidlar eByte – October 2019

  • APEX is live in the first county nationwide – Franklin County, MO [Franklin County Recorder Jennifer Metcalf and Fidlar Technologies have launched APEX, revolutionizing vitals recording.]
  • APEX provides digital, adaptable vitals recording that provides a personalized experience [With the help of APEX, Franklin County residents can now begin a guided marriage application online, on any device.]

In partnership with Fidlar Technologies, Franklin County has brought unmatched vitals recording ease-of-use into the hands of county residents. With the updated technology APEX provides, county residents can expect a far more streamlined experience when applying for marriage licenses.

Franklin County residents can now begin applying for marriage licenses from the comfort of their home, on any internet-connected device. With APEX’s step-by-step application process, county residents can have their application finalized before ever setting foot in the county office. Once there, residents need only verify their information with their county official, greatly reducing time required at the office. APEX streamlines the experience even further with digital signatures that reduce paperwork, a customer-facing kiosk for efficient data verification, and more. Additionally, historical marriages will be searchable online at the Franklin County Recorder’s office.

APEX meshes seamlessly with Bastion, a service that Franklin County employs to guarantee that county data remains safe and protected against disaster. With Official Records Online, Franklin County residents can also request certified copies of their vitals records online, at any time, by visiting the Franklin County website and signing up through Official Records Online’s high security web portal. Franklin County continues to place inestimable value in their citizens by offering APEX alongside Bastion and Official Records Online.

Visit for access to APEX and Official Records Online.

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