The Arkansas Fidlar eByte – September 2019

  • AVID brings modernization to the county office [Pushing their recording technology to new heights, Franklin County goes live with AVID.]
  • AVID provides increased accessibility [With a wide array of tools and modules, AVID streamlines the recording process in Franklin County.]
  • Franklin County says “Goodbye” to book and page [AVID has helped Franklin County shift away from laborious spreadsheet balancing, book indexing, and imaging in books.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to feature Franklin County and the impressive changes they have implemented as they go live with AVID. With AVID’s powerful recording tools on their side, they can free up valuable time and effort while simplifying the recording process. Many aspects of AVID are focused on improving the day-to-day responsibility of records and their staff, streamlining office workflows and reducing the amount of paperwork required. Franklin County has embraced the change of scenery with gusto and are already exploring the expansive world of AVID with Fidlar Technologies.

Land Records Clerk Liz (left) and Janice King (right)

AVID, powered by iNSPECT, is the leading assisted indexing tool in the industry. iNSPECT allows county staff to become data validators rather than data indexers, increasing the integrity of the indexing process. With less time spent hand-keying in data, staff members will verify the information iNSPECT finds right on the document, reducing chances for human error. Any index information that is left to be hand typed is input into AVID Entry, AVID’s simple, easy-to-use feature that allows users to index data into a singular field which is then populated appropriately by the program. These tools, and a host of other useful options including imaging, back indexing, and more, make AVID the ideal program for counties looking to take a step forward in this digital age.

Janice King, Circuit Clerk in Franklin County, and her staff have been experiencing and learning AVID for around a month and their workflow has already shown promising changes. In an ever-changing technological world, counties like Franklin are adapting in impressive manner with the help of Fidlar Technologies and AVID. Working with Fidlar Technologies’ project manager Chase Gridley and Information and Technology Specialists Janice Bruce, Tom Poston, and Brian Haan, Janice and her staff have gained a solid foothold already and are continuing to learn more and more about what AVID has to offer.

“We’ve been live with AVID for about a month and my staff and I love it- it’s very user friendly! I wanted Franklin County to be forerunners, not tailgaters, in a fast-paced world and AVID and Fidlar Technologies have helped us accomplish that.”
-Janice King, Franklin County Circuit Clerk

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