The Missouri Fidlar eByte – May 2019

  • Franklin County continues the Apex introductory phase [Franklin continues to blaze a new trail in Missouri as they continue their integration of the Apex service.]
  • Apex offers valuable, important vitals solutions [As Franklin County continues their symbiotic relationship with Fidlar Technologies, neighboring counties begin taking notice. Apex offers a service that counties nationwide would benefit from.]
  • A new age in vitals recording begins with Apex [Apex provides a new, digital alternative to the inefficient process of recording vitals documents. Creating a paperless workflow reduces time and cost of recording documents for any county.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to pay homage to Franklin County and the work they have done to integrate Apex into their daily routine and services. As the Apex introductory phase continues, Jennifer Metcalf and the rest of the Franklin County Recorder’s Office progress through the learning, testing, and implementation phase with the help of Fidlar Technologies and their staff.

Imagine a world where a citizen files their marriage documents digitally, removing envelopes, scanning, mailing, and delivery delays from the equation altogether, hastening the entire application process. Imagine no further, and meet Apex, a new program from Fidlar Technologies, designed to optimize the entire application system. Simplifying and expediting the processes of applications such as the marriage license procedure, and others, brings greatly increased efficiency to the counties utilizing the program. In addition, citizens who have access to Apex through their Register’s Office experience a greatly reduced wait-time on inquiries and approvals.

Franklin County is setting an example for counties across the nation, and it’s drawing attention. Neighboring counties are watching, listening, and asking questions as Franklin and Fidlar proceed through the Apex integration. The increased efficiency that Apex brings to a county is too much to ignore, and Franklin County is setting a high standard. Counties continue to travel from across the state to visit Franklin and witness the beta phase in action.

“We are very much looking forward to the increased accessibility Apex and Fidlar Technologies offers our citizens. Apex allows us to put the power in the hands of the people that have the drive and desire to start their document filing process early. It is a great change that is beneficial to both the Recorder’s Office and the people of Franklin County. Giving the people the capability to make progress before ever coming into our office is very helpful to all parties involved. We’re very excited for the changes being made with the help of Apex and Fidlar Technologies.” -Jennifer Metcalf, Franklin County Recorder