It comes as no surprise to us that many of our county partners do more than just record Deeds — they perform goodDEEDS. We thought it would be a great idea to share as many of these stories as possible. By doing so we hope to raise awareness of the various charities and organizations they contribute to. We want to build their momentum and effectiveness in achieving their very important goals.

We’d like to thank Oneta Tolle, First Deputy Recorder, Tippecanoe County, Indiana for donating her talents by sewing various items and donating them to centers in her community. Oneta’s involvement began six years ago when a close friend’s mother was placed into a nursing home. During her early visits to the facility, Oneta saw firsthand the need for various items that could benefit patients, and possibly brighten their day.

Putting her ideas into place, Oneta began sewing and donating items such as quilts, pillows, adult bibs, decorative waterproof pads for wheelchair bound patients, wheelchair pocket carriers, memory games and shoulder wraps/shawls. Facility workers and residents were delighted by the donations and were very appreciative of Oneta’s work.

In addition to sewing for the nursing homes, Oneta donates her time and talents by sewing items such as blankets, hooded towels, changing pads and crib sheets for the “Baby Corner Program” at the Riggs Community Health Center. This is a center that provides a range of unique healthcare for underprivileged families with young children. The “Baby Corner Program” is geared towards assisting parents with newborns and young children. Donated items are given as an incentive to keep their children up-to-date with immunizations and provides helpful knowledge in caring for their children.

We would like to thank Oneta for donating her time to her community.