It comes as no surprise to us that many of our county partners do more than just record Deeds — they perform goodDEEDS. We thought it would be a great idea to share as many of these stories as possible. By doing so we hope to raise awareness of the various charities and organizations they contribute to. We want to build their momentum and effectiveness in achieving their very important goals.

We would like to recognize Gladys F. Nettles, Ouachita County Circuit Clerk, Camden, Arkansas, for her commitment to the local community. Gladys, who is a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, works closely with two of the church’s organizations – the Ministers Spouse, Widows, and Widowers, plus Preachers Kids (MSWAWO+Pk’s) and the Women’s Missionary Society. The two organizations work in tandem to provide resources to under-privileged community members. Their mission is to provide both physical and spiritual resources to those in need.

Through her connection to the MSWAWO+Pk’s group, Gladys was able to travel to the Bahamas to perform missionary work and participate in a leadership retreat. Gladys and the group held a worship service in a sister African Methodist Episcopal Church and contributed a donation for the members of the local community. The MSWAWO+Pk’s operates continuously to provide relief for those less fortunate within the US, Africa, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and more.

We would like to thank Gladys for dedicating time and effort to contributing to her community and beyond.