It comes as no surprise to us that many of our county partners do more than just record Deeds — they perform goodDEEDS. We thought it would be a great idea to share as many of these stories as possible. By doing so we hope to raise awareness of the various charities and organizations they contribute to. We want to build their momentum and effectiveness in achieving their very important goals.

We would like to thank Andrew Blattner, Cape Girardeau County Recorder of Deeds, Missouri for putting his efforts towards helping his colleagues and community. During the early weeks of May, 2017, heavy rain caused massive flooding in the southeastern portion of Missouri. The Carter County courthouse had been damaged by eight feet of floodwater, completely submerging all historical paper documents.

Recorders from the surrounding area, including Andrew, took action to assist those affected. Andrew gathered equipment from his office which included a microfilm reader/printer, a scanner, and additional supplies that furbished the temporary offices. Surplus computers from Cape Girardeau County will also soon arrive as a donation to Carter County. Andrew also contacted area newspapers to acquire end rolls with the intention of them being used as blotter paper to interweave among book pages to facilitate the drying process.

Resources also came from the Missouri Secretary of State’s Local Records Program as well as FEMA. The preservation work will continue as the remaining books are vacuum freeze dried.
We would like to thank Andrew for his efforts and for donating his time and energy.