It comes as no surprise to us that many of our county partners do more than just record Deeds — they perform goodDEEDS. We thought it would be a great idea to share as many of these stories as possible. By doing so we hope to raise awareness of the various charities and organizations they contribute to. We want to build their momentum and effectiveness in achieving their very important goals.

We’d like to thank Carol Burmeister, Buffalo County Register of Deeds, Wisconsin, for her charitable efforts towards her community. Carol volunteers her time with the Scenic Valley Emergency Medical Service as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in Cochrane, Wisconsin.

Scenic Valley holds Recruitment Drives to acquire new members. Carol had been approached and decided to dedicate herself to becoming an EMT. She began the process by attending weekly classes, two nights a week, to complete the 144 hour Emergency Medical Technician course. Once passing this class, Carol moved onto the National Registry Test, which consists of both written and practical examination. After these certifications, Carol was able to apply and receive her Wisconsin State license which allowed her to actively work as an EMT.

In addition to performing her regular on-call duties, Carol has also held office as both President and Vice-President of Scenic Valley for many years. She has also acted as a training officer and has mentored new members. Additionally, Carol has worked at the local technical college to help administer National Registry testing.

This past September, Carol was recognized by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Board of Directors for her twenty years of dedicated, certified service as a Nationally Registered EMT – a rare distinction held by only a few EMT professionals within the United States.

Since 1976, Scenic Valley, has been a non-profit, volunteer service – its members are not paid. Individuals volunteer because there is a need in the area for their service.

We would like to thank Carol for her efforts and for donating her time to her community.