The Missouri Fidlar eByte: December 2016

Fidlar would like to commend the Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds Office for completing a large-scale Media Conversion. Recorder of Deeds Debbie Dunnegan-Waters has taken steps to ensure that the county history will remain preserved. Fidlar worked closely with Jefferson County to have the selected documents properly digitized. All 730,000+ document images were then grouped and named by experienced individuals via our Gulfstream process.

Once the Gulfstream process was finished, the completed documents were exported into Jefferson County’s repository. Office staff were then able to maintain quality assurance and work towards a future project to back-index the documents, making them more accessible to the public via the remote access tools Laredo/Tapestry. Using the Gulfstream Grouper image utility, which is installed at the county level, the Jefferson County staff also have the ability to quickly and easily make changes to the documents when necessary.



“The Grouper utility is a powerful tool for making adjustments to document images in the office. It is also convenient because it allows us to fix anomalies within our image data immediately. If an issue comes up that needs addressing, we no longer have to put it aside and correct it at a later time. We have the ability to fix it instantly. The Grouper utility lets us stay hands-on with our image data as we continue moving the office in a digital direction. Keeping the office self-reliant is also a big benefit for myself and my staff.” – Debbie Dunnegan-Waters, Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds