The Arkansas Fidlar eByte: September 2016


We are excited to announce that Howard County, a new Fidlar County Partner, has integrated AVID powered by iNSPECT within their office. iNSPECT is a new, groundbreaking assisted-indexing feature, integrated within our AVID land records management system, which identifies key index information right on the document. Additionally, it adds elegant touchscreen enhancements to make the user’s experience as efficient and intuitive as possible.

iNSPECT offers a unique user experience, providing the ability to interact and examine documents in ways that haven’t been possible before. For someone that is unfamiliar with the recording process, iNSPECT truly serves as a knowledgeable guide to the user by helping them identify important recordable data right on the document. By utilizing these tools, Circuit Clerk Angie Lewis is taking her office and Official Public Record into the future.



“We had a new staff member start on our ‘live’ day with AVID powered by iNSPECT. Using iNSPECT allowed the individual to understand and learn our office procedures incredibly fast. I’d even say that they were up to speed faster than if we had trained them without having iNSPECT‘s functions. The first day this person flew solo, they actually processed multiple documents on their own. I think this shows how well iNSPECT works for my office, I am very pleased to have my staff using it.” – Angie Lewis, Howard County Circuit Clerk