The Michigan Fidlar eByte – November 2018

Livingston County hosts Laredo Training for Land Records Searchers

  • Remote access tools provide options to searcher
  • On-Site Laredo training in the ROD Office
  • Robust tools = stronger searching capabilities

Fidlar is pleased to offer services and programs that allow our county partners to better serve their constituents. Our remote search tools provide searchers with multiple options to accommodate a wide range of searching needs. Laredo is one of the tools that provides industry professionals with a quick, easy to use, and efficient means of accessing County Land Records.

Fidlar representative Mark Lystiuk was on-site in Livingston County to provide Laredo training sessions for local searchers and township assessors. On-site training allows attendees to experience a close-up look at the many features of Laredo and gives them the opportunity to ask specific questions about Laredo for their needs and application. Attendees were educated with Best Practices in mind providing them with the knowledge to maximize the effectiveness of every search performed with Laredo.

As a search tool, Laredo offers many features that enhance the user’s ability to perform advanced searches and display document search results in customizable order. The advanced Saved Search feature provides proactive notification to the searcher via email or text of document recordings after the initial search is saved. This is a huge advantage in a gap period for example. Another advanced feature called IRIS, gives searchers the ability to create custom search lists for index criteria such as first/last names, business names, subdivision names, and street names.

Along with providing superior searching power to the user, Laredo provides secure 24/7 convenient access to the county index and image repository outside of the courthouse. Searchers can take advantage of using Laredo remotely wherever they are located at any time of the day. County Land Records offices are pleased to offer this extremely valuable search tool enabling searchers to have the most efficient means of accessing their document records.



“A recent goal for the office was to improve the abilities of the searchers using Laredo – specifically to improve the abilities of Township Assessors. Through our partnership with Fidlar, we were able to provide in-person training to these individuals to help them use Laredo to their best abilities. I am pleased to provide searchers with Laredo since it greatly enhances searching – we also want every user to be fully trained to maximize the tool’s function” – Brandon Denby, Livingston County Register of Deeds