The Illinois Fidlar eByte – September 2018

PRM assists with MyDec & Predictable Fee implementation

  • Exclusive to the Clerk/Recorder – Partner Relationship Manager
  • On-site visits to assist with office advancement
  • PRM assists offices with predictable fee implementation


Fidlar has long held a focus that is exclusive to the needs of the Clerk/Recorder’s Office. Our focus is to provide a superior partnership experience which lead to the development of the Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) program. Through this program, the state PRM serves as a dedicated, on-site resource to assist with the planning and implementation of changes within the Clerk/Recorder’s Office.

The Illinois Partner Relationship Manager Danielle Westerfield has traveled to the offices of County Partners to provide assistance with both MyDec training and, more recently, predictable recording fee implementation. Through collaborative efforts between County Partners and the PRM, we are able to assist with the configuration of the AVID system settings to comply with predictable fee legislation in the state. Exact detail was taken to allow for appropriate changes to be made so that a full transition to flat fees could be made by every office. With the appropriate fees in place, the AVID recording system will continue to account for every document type and will properly distribute funds per transaction.

We would like to congratulate our Illinois County Partners for their efforts and work to adopt predictable recording fees within their offices. We strive to exceed the expectations of each partner on all sides and we want to champion each and every hurdle that your office overcomes. Through the assistance provided to the Clerk/Recorder’s Office via the Partner Relationship Manager program, we want to do our best to advance your office in every way possible.



“As a customer of Fidlar, I am appreciative of all the wonderful staff. I have never had an issue in the near seven years of working with the Fidlar recording system and Laredo. I especially want to give recognition to our PRM, Danielle Westerfield, who has been nothing short of wonderful. She was very patient with me while we worked on the predictable fee schedule. She is my greatest cheerleader – I am so thankful to Danielle for all she does. I don’t know if Fidlar has an employee of the month program but she deserves the recognition.” – Cheryl Ishmiel, Iroquois County Chief Deputy Recorder