The Indiana Fidlar eByte – September 2018

Spencer County Makes Complete AVID Transition

  • Transition to AVID to update office technology
  • Fidlar installs, configures and trains on-site
  • Upgrade software as it becomes available
  • LifeCycle Maximizes Recording Software Value

We are pleased to announce that Spencer County has fully transitioned to the AVID land records management system. County Recorder Vicki Brauns was interested in updating the technology in their office and with AVID they will be better prepared to execute eRecordings, reduce paper shuffle and improve the efficiency and integrity of Spencer County’s recording process.

Fidlar Project Managers also travel on-site to train County Partners with our land records management system, AVID. Maureen Melson was in Spencer County to instruct users with the Best Practices of AVID. Once training was completed, Fidlar IT installed and configured the upgrade, allowing the county to continue recording documents.

As recording practices and trends shift within the market, new tools and services are necessary to meet the demand of those changes. That is why Fidlar’s Development Team works in-house to upgrade and improve upon existing products while actively developing tools to be utilized with future releases. Through the Lifecycle partnership, Recorder’s Offices are able to implement current and all future software releases without additional cost.

Spencer County was able to take advantage of their LifeCycle partnership. With LifeCycle, offices can make the switch to a completely new, upgraded recording system without additional cost. Valuable upgrades and new modular software such as Anchor, Iris, SWIFT, and iNSPECT are also free for implementation as soon as they are released. Non-LifeCycle customers pay to implement each of these items.



“Spencer County’s change to AVID has been a successful one. I think we will improve our workflow by having these additional features and functions available to the staff. We received excellent training from Fidlar on how to best use different aspects of AVID. Another benefit of the move to AVID was that were are improving our office’s technology without additional costs through our LifeCycle partnership. I’m very happy with our decision to move forward with the AVID transition.” – Vicki Brauns, Spencer County Recorder