The Ohio Fidlar eByte – September 2018

Longtime Bond established between Fidlar and Recorder’s Office

  • Longtime dedication exclusive to the Recorder’s Office
  • Committed to advancing Fidlar Partners’ overall abilities
  • Professional service that goes beyond software alone

As an established recording software vendor, Fidlar caters our products and services to the Recorder’s Office. We remain committed to the mission of accurately maintaining the Official Public Record and dedicate every resource towards supporting and improving the software and services we offer without distraction.

Fidlar has bonded closely with the Recorder’s Office and we are fully vested in every established partnership. Through the Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) program we assist with keeping the office informed and assist with any product implementation. The PRM is established as the main point-of-contact which creates a direct line of constant communication between the Fidlar office and the Recorder’s Office. The PRM program is a unique aspect of the Fidlar experience which allows us to deliver value beyond the products and services used by the recording staff.

In addition to the PRM being available to the assist Recorder, the entire Fidlar team, company-wide, is also available to help in any way we can. Exceptional communication is essential to a successful partnership which is why Fidlar maintains a strong sense of accessibility. The dedicated team of professionals are working to advance every aspect of your office’s ability – we want to remain an essential resource to the Recorder’s Office and to champion each of its successes.

“I found it helpful talking with the Fidlar Leadership Team about the interview process for hiring new employees. My reason for seeking their input has to do with the fact that I believe Fidlar has done a good job hiring the ‘right person for the right spot’. I have been impressed by that from the start. I believe if the job and the person are a good fit, the employee will be much happier and so will the customers they are helping! I always appreciate that I can talk to anyone at Fidlar about any concerns or questions that I may have. I give thanks to them for the great partnership we have shared.” – Karen L. Douglas, Marion County Recorder