The Ohio Fidlar eByte – May 2018
Holmes County Fidlar Partnership – Five Year Mark

  • Fidlar – exclusive dedication to the Recorder
  • Current and updated software solution delivered
  • Disaster Recovery Implemented with BASTION
  • Fidlar products/services benefit the constituent
  • Commitment to serving Fidlar partnerships

We are always pleased to share with our County Partners the progress of every Fidlar-partnered office in the state; which is why we would like to recognize the Holmes County Recorder’s Office for their five year partnership.

Through this partnership, Holmes County is able to utilize software products and services that are essential to the recording industry. Through our premier land recording software system, AVID, Powered by iNSPECT, Fidlar can assist with increasing the abilities of every user.

AVID, along with the remote-access tool Laredo, are routinely upgraded to increase their overall value to the user, over and over. Items like the assisted-indexing application, iNSPECT, increase data consistency that is sought by both the public and private sectors.

Holmes County will also utilize the AVID BASTION hosted-server environment which provides a higher degree of security against growing cyber threats and natural disasters. Official data will be stored and hosted with Fidlar production servers that are backed up to a secondary off-site repository. Recorder Anita Hall will have peace-of-mind knowing that their Official Public Record will remain secure and maintained to the highest degree.

When offered, Laredo provides an added convenience to constituents searching records by making them available online. Both industry professionals and the general public are able to access the county repository in a secure manner outside of the courthouse. These tools offer a stronger and faster service for users to perform necessary tasks. Fidlar’s enhanced-access tools are maintained to serve as the best search option in the marketplace for every constituent.

By choosing Fidlar as their software provider, Holmes County will continue to have a dedicated and trustworthy source for partnership. Our intention is to offer the best products and services so that our County Partners can keep advancing. As a software vendor, Fidlar strives to elevate the value a recording office can deliver to their public.



“The Holmes County Recorder’s Office has been a Fidlar partner since 2013. I appreciate all that Greg Bachman and Greg Sullivan do for us along with everyone else who assists us with everything Fidlar-related. We’ve been able to make positive changes in our office that give the public the ability to access records whether they’re in our office or working from their own office or home. I look forward to the future of our partnership with Fidlar.” – Anita Hall, Holmes County Recorder