The Missouri Fidlar eByte – February 2018


  • Transition to AVID to update office technology
  • Fidlar installs, configures and trains on-site
  • iNSPECT Advances Recording Accuracy
  • LifeCycle Maximizes Recording Software Value

Two longtime Fidlar Partners, Linn and Saline County, have both fully transitioned to the land recording management system, AVID. With the change, the Recorder of Deeds’ Office will be best prepared to integrate software upgrades and modular releases from Fidlar. When starting the AVID transition, Project Managers train on-site to acclimate staff with important aspects of the system. Once training was completed, Fidlar IT installed and configured the AVID system settings, allowing the county to quickly continue recording documents.

Additionally, office staff have implemented iNSPECT, the assisted indexing feature. When used in processing, iNSPECT greatly increases recording accuracy while decreasing the chances of typographical error. Features such as iNSPECT, along with other major components of AVID are integrated within a singular system to maximize the recording abilities for the Recorder of Deeds Office.

Both Linn County and Saline County were able to take advantage of their LifeCycle Partnership. With LifeCycle, these offices were able to make the switch to a completely new, upgraded recording system without additional cost. Valuable upgrades and new modular software such as Anchor, Iris, SWIFT, and iNSPECT are also free for implementation as soon as they are released. Non-LifeCycle customers pay to implement each of these items.



“Being able to take advantage of our LifeCycle partnership is wonderful, I am pleased that we could upgrade our systems to AVID which comes to us without any additional cost. Fidlar took the time to make sure that we were trained and ready to go when it came to going live with AVID, which is another reason that they are helpful to the Recorder’s Office. Our partnership with Fidlar has been full of great experiences and the move to AVID has been another one that I’m glad to have been a part of. I look forward to seeing what the future brings us!” – Jamie Nichols, Saline County Recorder of Deeds


“I thought it was nice to have Linn County upgraded to the AVID system without having an additional cost on our part. Through the LifeCycle partnership that we’ve got arranged with Fidlar, we are able to get new software as the items are released. When the time came for our move to AVID, our Project Manager Kelly Seibert came in and helped us get ready for our live day. Switching over to recording with AVID went very well. I really wish we would have switched sooner.” – Loretta Brookshier, Linn County Recorder of Deeds