The Minnesota Fidlar eByte – April 2019

  • Fidlar Hosts TCM training for all MN County Partners
  • [Onsite training for TCM users provides the best practices for adopting the management tool.]
  • Standardized digital workflow for Torrens processing [TCM’s unique processing methods offer a streamlined and automated workflow, enhancing the user’s ability to manage Torrens.]
  • Collaborative efforts further the abilities of every user [These in-person and onsite training events are designed to increase the software value for the end user.]

Last month, Fidlar Technologies hosted a Torrens Certificate Management (TCM) Training “Bootcamp” for all Minnesota County Partners. Users met with a team of Fidlar employees to discuss important aspects of TCM and how it integrates with the AVID land records management system. Those in attendance were provided with hands-on training sessions to get an in-depth overview regarding the components and functionality of TCM.

The TCM module enhances the Recorder’s Office abilities to issue Torrens Certificates and memorialize documents through automated functionality. The traditional Torrens process is replaced with a digital workflow – which greatly reduces the possibility of erroneous data entry. In addition to reducing error – the digital workflow of TCM reduces paper shuffle and automates the repetitive work of the traditional process.

Fidlar is proud to offer training and support to every software user – we feel it is important to inform each individual with the best practices to maximize the processing abilities of the Recorder’s Office. Collaborative efforts such as the TCM “Bootcamp” help us to deliver innovative and robust tools to our partners, thank you to all who attended and participated.

“My entire staff was able to attend the recent TCM bootcamp training, which was great. I really enjoy working alongside Fidlar to get training and to also discuss aspects of the software directly with the developer who created it. Everyone from Fidlar did a fantastic job of providing an in-depth look into TCM. Because of events and experiences like this, I know that we are partnered with a vendor that is truly keeping the interests of the Recorder Office in mind.” – Julie Kalkbrenner, Kandiyohi County Recorder & Registrar of Titles