The Indiana Fidlar eByte – May 2019

  • Onboarding effort for New Official
    [Fidlar Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) and County Partners assist new official in Starke County.]
  • Exclusive to the Recorder – Partner Relationship Manager [PRM travels onsite to provide guidance and with assist Fidlar-related implementations.]
  • Fidlar Partnership Commitment [Through efforts such as these, Fidlar strives to elevate the value of our service to every partner.]

Through the collaborative efforts of the Fidlar Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) and existing Indiana Fidlar County Partners, initiatives to onboard new officials early this year were a success! Starke County Recorder, Mandy Thomason, was provided training and technical support onsite in her office; there she was informed and educated on all aspects of Fidlar service and partnership. Fidlar’s ultimate goal is to ensure that every County Partner is adequately prepared to fulfill their all-important role from day one.

Once an office is appointed their PRM, they become the main point-of-contact which establishes a direct line of communication which remains constant. As Fidlar products and services are released, the PRM will work alongside with the Recorder to offer guidance and assist with any product implementation within the office. Additionally, with any product or service implementation, the PRM will travel on-site to provide training to all necessary parties.

Fidlar strives to exceed the expectations of each partner on all sides and we want to champion each and every hurdle that your office overcomes. We proudly advocate for the continued successes of every Fidlar Partnership and every County Recorder’s Office.

“My experience with becoming the next official in Starke County was aided by help from Partner Relationship Manager Cheryl McCarthy and two nearby Fidlar County Partners. With their help combined, I was given a wealth of information that I applied to the Starke County Recorder’s Office. I feel we started out on the right foot and we will continue in an upward path.” – Mandy Thomason, Starke County Recorder