The Illinois Fidlar eByte: March 2017

We are proud to inform you that the Sangamon County Recorder’s Office has successfully implemented a new integration between their land recording software and the Illinois Department of Revenue (ILDOR) tax system. The integration improved on the compatibility between the Fidlar software solution and ILDOR’s submission process. Data is processed and submitted to the ILDOR system seamlessly. County staff receive confirmation of their submission and they are informed when the document is able to be appropriately stamped.



“With Fidlar’s ingenuity, our software connects directly with Illinois Department of Revenue’s MyDec system. The integration piece serves as a much needed direct communication tool between the Recorder’s office and ILDOR. The software piece has definitely improved the process for us. This has become a great asset to the office and has made these transactions much smoother.” – Josh Langfelder, Sangamon County Recorder