The Voice • March 2018


At the start of March, it was announced that the Indiana General Assembly had passed legislation to allow notaries within the state to perform notarization work online. The Indiana Remote Notarization Bill passed 95-0 by the assembly, which will now go to the governor for signature. With the bill in place, notaries within the state will be able to perform online work for signers on a national level.

State Senator Travis Holdman was quoted as saying that taking the notary task online will create “a more safe, secure and efficient experience for everyone. Countless government forms require notarized documents; this bill enables Hoosiers to more efficiently complete these and numerous other legal documents.” [1] The bill’s passing indicates that more electronic practices are entering the market as acceptable, and even a preferred option. The electronic documents of the mortgage industry are just as legitimate as paper documents, increasing the adoption of a paperless workflow.

Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin recently announced the approval of a fifth online notarization vendor within the state, Simplifile. “It’s a system we believe is more secure and ultimately provides a faster, more efficient process for the notaries, homebuyers, and companies that utilize it,” said Martin. [2] Simplifile President Paul Clifford stated that “eNotarization is widely recognized within the mortgage industry as one of the final keys needed to unlock the benefits of a complete digital mortgage process.” [2]