The Ohio Fidlar eByte: November 2017


We are pleased to announce that the Warren County Recorder’s Office has wholly adopted iNSPECT into their daily recording operations. In November of 2016, County Recorder Linda Oda decided to implement the assisted-indexing tool with our land records management system, AVID. Over the last twelve months, iNSPECT has assisted the Warren County Recorder’s Office staff by offering nearly 70% indexing accuracy as they process documents in AVID.

iNSPECT is an application that increases your staff’s ability to locate and validate key index information for processing. The assisted-indexing application suggests relevant data to the user for indexing – drastically reducing chances of human erroriNSPECT integrates with all other AVID applications allowing for complete data consistency. With the addition of auxiliary modules such as Anchor and Iris, the ability to advance data integrity and validity is increased.


“We don’t rely on iNSPECT to complete indexing for us, rather we use it to double-check our work and make sure that we are indexing correctly. iNSPECT helps greatly when you are indexing a document. When a document number is entered, the associated document will pop up immediately. This decreases the chance for error when entering various document criteria. It is good having iNSPECT be a part of AVID because it allows the user to index as accurately as possible. It doesn’t replace a human brain however, and Recorders must continue to be diligent to make certain that names, spellings, numbers, etc. are accurate.” – Linda Oda, Warren County Recorder