The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte: June 2017

We are excited to announce that the Portage County Register of Deeds Office has reached higher performance levels with our assisted-indexing technology, iNSPECT, with AVID!  iNSPECT reads the document in process and presents key index data to the user to be validated for indexing. Since iNSPECT recognizes the data for the user instead of the user having to manually process the data, the chance of human error is greatly diminished.

Utilizing tools that promote accuracy and validity will ultimately allow for cleaner data and a cleaner repository. By utilizing iNSPECT, Portage County has increased the accessibility and usability of records for their constituents.


“I had an immediate interest in being a beta county for iNSPECT. Portage County had been using AVID for a while when we were approached with iNSPECT. Processing with AVID has been nearly effortless for the staff and having a tool like iNSPECT brings an even greater level of value to the office and our constituents. I couldn’t be happier that we agreed to go with iNSPECT. It has advanced our ability to process records but also the integrity of our Official Public Record.” – Cindy Wisinski, Portage County Register of Deeds