The Minnesota Fidlar eByte: July 2016


We are excited to announce that the Blue Earth County Taxpayer Services’ Office is the first Minnesota county to incorporate our iNSPECT technology! iNSPECT is a new, groundbreaking assisted-indexing feature, integrated within our AVID land records management system, which identifies key index information right on the document. Additionally, it provides elegant touchscreen enhancements to make the user’s experience as efficient and intuitive as possible. With iNSPECT, Blue Earth County is taking their office and Official Public Record into the future.



“We were the beta county for iNSPECT in Minnesota and I was very excited to start working with this new feature. I started using iNSPECT in May and I absolutely love it. The summer has been very busy, but indexing documents on the touchscreen is fast and efficient and has definitely helped us keep up with the larger than normal workload. I am able to look at documents more closely on a larger screen which assists in reviewing items much easier. iNSPECT is faster and more efficient than using the regular keyboard and mouse and also reduces general typing errors. Working with iNSPECT has shown me that I would not want to go back to the less efficient routine.” – Jennifer Robinson, Blue Earth County Staff