The Kansas Fidlar eByte: August 2016


We are pleased to announce that the Ford County Register of Deeds Office will soon be incorporating our iNSPECT technology into AVID! iNSPECT is the new, groundbreaking assisted-indexing feature, integrated within our AVID land records management system, which identifies key index information right on the document. Additionally, it adds elegant touchscreen enhancements to provide users with the most efficient and intuitive functions possible. With iNSPECT, County Register of Deeds Brenda Pogue will be taking her office and Official Public Record into the future.



“One thing I’m looking forward to in particular is increasing the quality of our recorded indexes. The software’s ability to suggest items to the user for indexing is incredible, I see it cutting down the possibilities for typos before they become problems for us down the road. Our documents need to be kept with strong validity, and I think iNSPECT will be a big help for us in achieving that. We’ve been working with AVID for quite some time and I feel iNSPECT is a huge addition.” – Brenda Pogue, Ford County Register of Deeds