• Current and updated software solution delivered
  • Fidlar products/services benefit the consituent
  • Support Specialist take calls in real-time
  • Fidlar Technologies privately owned since 1854

As a software provider, Fidlar strives to deliver the strongest tools and services to assist the Register of Deeds Office. Our products are regularly updated, made to be current with the best practices of the recording industry. The AVID recording system, along with the remote-access tool Laredo, are upgraded to increase their overall value to the user, time and time again. Items like the assisted-indexing application, iNSPECT, increase data consistency that is sought by both the public and private sectors. Community outreach services like Property Fraud Alert and Honor Rewards serve a purpose, to benefit the county constituent.

Along with being advocates for the Register of Deeds Office, we strive to provide superior technical support to County Partners that utilize our AVID land records management system. The Fidlar Support team is made available through a variety of convenient communication channels: phone call, email or online chat. Our experienced support specialists are dedicated to assisting with any requests the Register of Deeds Office may have. The specialist team is on-site, providing the ability to assist in real-time during operating hours.

By choosing Fidlar as their software provider, both Hancock County and Sagadahoc County have a dedicated and trustworthy source for partnership. We want each and every County Partner to have peace-of-mind knowing that fact. Fidlar Technologies has been privately owned since 1854 and is not for sale.



“Since partnering with Fidlar, Sagadahoc County has been witness to a number of things that show how Fidlar has a keen interest with the Register of Deeds Office. Things like software upgrades that are user-driven, providing services that we can offer our public, these are some of the ways Fidlar helps us make improvements. We’ve also seen firsthand how the Support Team is able to quickly help on our initial call to them. It definitely feels like a partnership between our office and theirs.” – Lynn C. Moore, Sagadahoc County Registry of Deeds

“Before our partnership with Fidlar was established, I heard certain things about the company that were appealing. It sounded like both the product they delivered along with the support were both more than sound. Now that we have their recording system in the office that has all been proved to not be hearsay. I look forward to seeing just how far our partnership will go!” – Julie Curtis, Hancock County Register of Deeds