The Ohio Fidlar eByte – March 2019

  • Longtime dedication exclusive to the Recorder [Our focus with the Recorder provides that we continue delivering innovative and effective recording tools.]
  • Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) Program [Unique to Fidlar, the PRM serves as the direct point-of-contact for the County Partner.]
  • Routine office visits with each partner [The PRM source is dedicated to keeping the County Partner informed with everything Fidlar related.]
  • Professional service that goes beyond software [Our partnerships do include software, but are positioned to encompass the needs and the advancement of the Recorder’s Office.]

Fidlar has bonded closely with the Recorder’s Office and we are fully vested with every partnership. As an established recording software vendor, we cater our products and services to the Recorder’s Office. We remain committed to the mission of accurately maintaining the Official Public Record and dedicate every resource towards supporting and improving the software and services we offer without distraction.

Through the Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) program we assist with keeping the office informed and assist with any product implementation. The PRM serves as the main point-of-contact which creates a direct line of constant communication between the Fidlar office and the Recorder’s Office.

Exclusive to each Fidlar County Partner, the PRM’s primary goal is to make their experience the best it can be. The primary objective of the PRM is to regularly meet with each County Partner in their office to provide assistance to the Recorder and their staff. They work to keep each office informed with deliverables such as the Annual Dashboard, administering onsite product training, and assisting with the implementation of changes within the Recorder’s Office. The PRM program is a unique aspect of the Fidlar experience which allows us to deliver value beyond the products and services used by the recording staff.

“Our longstanding partnership with Fidlar is well established and they continue to be a valuable resource to Warren County. As recording methods and practices have changed, Fidlar has assisted us to accommodate these changes from a technical standpoint. The onsite consultation from Fidlar allows us to consider and prepare for things on the horizon. I am happy to have a vendor as collaborative and communicative as Fidlar, it makes for a sincerely informed business partnership.” – Linda Oda, Warren County Recorder