50,000 paper documentshave already been returned electronically with SWIFT!


SWIFT is a module that electronically returns paper documents back to submitters once the document has been accepted by the Recorder’s Office.

  • SWIFT SENDS notice for both recorded & rejected documents to the recipient’s email.
  • SWIFT SAVES both time and resources compared to mailing a document.
  • SWIFT GIVES the ability to track a document’s processing status.





SWIFT allows our customers to get their recorded documents returned to them with the click of a mouse! Customers appreciate the speed of which their documents are returned. We anticipate an even greater number of our customers will opt for SWIFT, which will allow our office staff to spend time recording instead of returning! SWIFT is a win-win for Recorders and for customers – thank you for the innovation!” – Kate Sweeney-Bell, Marion County Recorder, Indiana


“Lenders in Dane County really enjoy SWIFT, particularly for the fact that it results in a smoother workflow. Instead of having to rely on receiving paper documents via mail, they are able to simply transfer the image we send into their borrower’s file. SWIFT benefits both my office and the lenders. It saves everyone time and money, along with providing greater efficiencies to all involved.” – Kristi Chlebowski, Dane County Register of Deeds, Wisconsin


” SWIFT is a win-win  for Recorders and for customers…”