The Ohio Fidlar eByte – April 2018

Defiance County Makes Complete AVID Transition

  • County comfortably transitions to AVID
  • AVID integrates multiple recording functions
  • Support on-site via phone, email and chat
  • Fidlar strives to promote the Recorder’s Office

Defiance County has fully transitioned to our land records management system, AVID Powered By iNSPECT. The Fidlar Launch Team put numerous moving parts in place to make sure that the Recorder’s staff were properly and adequately trained to process documents and eRecordings within their office. Partner Relationship Manager Greg Sullivan and Project Manager Steve Ott were on-site during the LIVE week to ensure a completely smooth transition.

Along with AVID, Defiance County implemented iNSPECT, the assisted indexing feature. When used in processing, iNSPECT greatly increases recording accuracy while decreasing the chances of typographical error. Features such as iNSPECT, along with other major components of AVID are integrated within a singular system to maximize the recording abilities for the user.

As an office operating AVID, Defiance County will have full access to the Fidlar Support team. This team of support specialists is made available through a variety of convenient communication channels: phone call, email or online chat. Our experienced specialists are dedicated to assisting with any requests the Recorder’s Office may have. The specialist team is on-site, providing the ability to assist in real-time during operating hours.

Fidlar’s experience with and longtime dedication to the Recorder’s Office permits that we continue to deliver innovative and robust tools to every partner. We champion each and every hurdle that your office overcomes and we want to do our best to advance your office in every way possible.



“We had great support working through our transition to AVID in Defiance County – everyone involved has been more than willing to go above and beyond to provide whatever help we needed. It was a big change but I have great confidence that the change AVID brings will be for the better and that it will enhance our ability to perform the necessary duties of our office. Fidlar representatives Greg Bachman, Greg Sullivan, and Steve Ott have been excellent and I look forward to our future with AVID.” – Cecilia A. Parsons, Defiance County Recorder