With BASTION, your office will work in a secure and hosted production environment. The hosted servers are located offsite, ensuring the safekeeping of your county’s data. The service delivers all the power and function of AVID while also providing a secure resolution in the event of a natural disaster.

Most importantly, BASTION gives your office a leading defense against malicious Malware and Ransomware.

  • BASTION provides all the features of AVID to users, replacing the need for an on-site server. All that is needed is a computer and internet connection.
  • BASTION’s infrastructure is designed to have your office resuming activity within hours – if the production environment were to be compromised a secondary environment is activated, maintaining your county’s data without any loss.
  • BASTION delivers peace-of-mind – your recorded data will be heavily protected from virtually any and all threats.




“Our I.T. department is excited to have our office on Fidlar’s hosting service as they have been moving in this direction with other departments in the county, as well. They appreciate how it removes the responsibility and the necessary maintenance away from them. It’s convenient for us, as well; Fidlar has direct access to our system, allowing them to install upgrades and implement the necessary changes without having to go through the process of accessing a county server. Knowing that our hosted environment is also being backed-up to a second location gives us peace-of-mind that there’s a safeguard in place in the event of a disaster.” –  John La Fave, Register of Deeds, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
“I can really appreciate what BASTION provides as things keep progressing technically for the Recorder’s Office.Things like software licenses and server maintenance are no longer the responsibilities of my office and staff, it’s all going to be handled from Fidlar’s end. Where there have been issues connecting to our servers in the past to troubleshoot things, Fidlar Support is able to do all the necessary tasks without any concern over accessibility.” – Anita Mather, Allen County Recorder, Indiana



If your office wants to create a secondary, back-up copy of data and images, without all the other benefits of Bastion, Fidlar’s Replication service will be of great benefit to you.

Replication duplicates the data as it is processed within your office and stores all new and existing data. This data is stored securely within a remote facility. In the event of an unrecoverable disaster, this data can be used to get your office going again.