The Arkansas Fidlar eByte – March 2018

Union County Experiences Partnership Beyond Software

  • Current and updated software solution delivered
  • Partners routinely receive software upgrades
  • Routine visits – Partner Relationship Manager
  • Fidlar supports remote users & outreach services

As a software provider, Fidlar strives to deliver the strongest tools and services to assist the Circuit Clerk Office. Our products are regularly updated, made to be current with the best practices of the recording industry. The AVID recording system, along with the remote-access tool Laredo, are upgraded to increase their overall value to the user, over and over. Items like the assisted-indexing application, iNSPECT, increase data consistency that is sought by both the public and private sectors.

We strive to advance the Fidlar Experience for every one of our County Partners, we offer a unique partnership program with the Partner Relationship Manager (PRM). The PRM‘s sole purpose is to regularly meet with each County Partner in their office to help achieve long-term goals. Once they are appointed, the PRM becomes your main point-of-contact, making sure to keep your office informed with deliverables such as the Annual Dashboard and hosting collaborative events like the User Group Meeting.

Along with being advocates for the Circuit Clerk Office, we want to provide superior technical support to County Partners that utilize our AVID land records management system. The Fidlar Support Team is made available through a variety of convenient communication channels: phone call, email or online chat. Our experienced support specialists are dedicated to assisting with any requests the Circuit Clerk Office may have. The specialist team is on-site, providing the ability to assist in real-time during operating hours.

Our support specialists not only provides technical assistance to County Partners, but we also take support calls from professionals searching with Laredo/Tapestry, Property Fraud Alert subscribers and Official Records Online customers.



“I’ve always had good support coming from Fidlar. If I’m having a technical issue – I can call the Support Team. If I’m wanting to add computer programs in the office – I can call Territory Manager Al Vital or our Partner Relationship Manager Mark Lystiuk. Fidlar keeps the communication wide open, which makes it easy to get things done! When I meet with Mark Lystiuk on his PRM visits, we’re able to discuss how things will go moving forward, I’ve got great faith there. Being able to openly communicate with everyone there in a quick and direct manner is wonderful.” – Cheryl Wilson, Union County Circuit Clerk